Although salary is almost always the largest cost in a business, for years firms didn’t see employees as a real cost. For example, a decision to hire someone (which would invariably cost hundreds of thousands of Dollars over 5 years) was taken far more easily than, say, purchasing a new printer for the office that costs less than $1,000.

However, due to the recession, firms are finally getting the point. People cost money. This means that firms need to get the most out of their staff, which can be achieved through better management, additional training, improved processes, or better tools.

That’s where XpressDox comes in. XpressDox simply speeds up the production of documents – saving time, and reducing costs

To calculate the ROI, take the full retail price of XpressDox at $150 and amortize it over just two years. This works out to about $6 per month, or just $0.30 per day. An easy decision, right?

So how will XpressDox pay for itself?

There are three areas which take time when producing documents. Firstly, finding the correct document or template for the task at hand.

Secondly, cutting out the old information, and pasting in the new, as well as other functions such as performing calculations and formatting the layout of the document.

Lastly, there is proofreading so that you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten any information in the document from the previous time it was used. Besides the legal ramifications of disclosing someone else’s information, clients don’t like seeing someone else’s information on their document.

With XpressDox, templates are stored in a template library. This means that finding the document you need takes no time at all. Once the selected template is run, the user is asked questions and the answers are automatically filled into the template, creating an accurate and perfectly formatted document every time.

XpressDox also includes other time-saving functions, such as automatically converting numbers to words, performing calculations in a document, or selecting clauses for inclusion in the document from a clause library

To speed up document production still further, XpressDox can re-use information from a previous document, or even import information from a database.

Without going into complicated math, you’ll pay for XpressDox by saving only one minute per day. Even part time document creators benefit from XpressDox, since the system does all the formatting of the document for them. This means that directors or partners can even produce their own documents.

However, it’s not only about the speed of producing documents. XpressDox enforces standards throughout the firm with such things as layout, fonts, and which company letterhead to use. This enhances professionalism.

Also, since documents can be produced quickly and easily, XpressDox also enhances client service through faster turnaround.

There’s more. Since XpressDox makes use of a single letterhead for the entire firm, when your letterhead changes all users are automatically updated. Never again should departed directors and partners feature on your firm’s letterhead.

At $0.30 per day, XpressDox is a no-brainer. For firms that are serious about business and their bottom line, faster and smarter document production is essential in today’s economy. Still not convinced? Why not and try it out for free for a few months? You’ll quickly see that Docussembly™ isn’t just a new word.