XpressDox has been designed to complete marked-up templates in two general situations. The first is when data is captured and stored as part of an application (such as an accounting system, or any other system requiring the filling of standard documents).

The second is to assist users such as secretaries who use the system within Microsoft® Office Word to produce standard documents based on letterheads, or similar uses.

In the latter situation (i.e. the system is used within Word), typically users will have many pre-defined documents (normally of the nature of letters, faxes, etc., but can include more substantial documents like agreements) which contain fixed text as well as text which varies from one usage of the document to another.

An example would be a letter requesting payment of an outstanding account, where the layout and one or two paragraphs are constant, but the account information such as balance outstanding, name and address of debtor, etc., is variable.