1. The Explorer has been improved. It is now possible to email a document from within the Explorer. Another new feature is that the Explorer responds appropriately when a wild card pattern is typed into the File Name area (i.e. it lists all the files matching the wild card pattern).
  2. There is a new command which enables the template author to provide a caption for use in the data capture dialog rather than the data element name. This is done using the Caption command. For example <<Caption(InterestDate,Date when Interest falls due)>> will cause the capture control on the data capture dialog for the data element InterestDate to be labelled “Date when Interest falls due” rather than “InterestDate”.
  3. Various bugs have been fixed, the principle ones being:
    1. When running a template which has no data elements to be captured on it (an example is a template with the only merge filed being <<DocumentBody>> for use with the BaseTemplate command), then the system will respond correctly instead of issuing a message about an object not having a value.
    2. The Template Author Toolkit wizards have been made more intelligent in their handling of selected text which is intended to contain the name of a data element.