With the Tab command it is possible to split the data capture interview into a number of tabs, and to designate specific tabs under which specified data elements must be captured.

The Tab command only affects the main data element parent, and not any repeating data elements.

Note that the restriction to non-repeating data elements does not apply when the InterviewIsWizard Command is active – in that case it is possible to apply the Tab command to a repeater.

Take the following template as an example:


Name: <<Name>>
Address: <<Address>>
Telephone Number: <<Telephone>>
Fax Number: <<FaxNumber>>

Employer: <<EmployerName>>
Address: <<EmployerAddress>>
Telephone Number: <<EmployerPhone>>
Fax Number: <<EmployerFax>>

The  two Tab commands will cause the interview to be split into two tabs, with captions Personal and Employer. The data elements Name, Address, Telephone and FaxNumber will appear on the Personal tab, and all other data elements on the Employer tab.

If the command <<Tab(Employer)>> is omitted, then XpressDox will construct a tab captioned General on which all the other data elements will appear.

Using tabs in XpressDox Docussembly™