1. The handling of Office Settings has been enhanced so that changes to these are distributed to end users smoothly.
  2. MySQL data base support is now explicit – using the .NET MySQL provider and also ODBC.  In the process, data source handling in general has been made more efficient.
  3. Two new functions have been released:
    1. The <<GetValidFileName>> function will take a data element value and examine it for characters which are illegal in a file name, and either remove those illegal characters, or replace them with a string supplied to the function. For example, if the data element name Reference contains the string Smith/Jones & Co then <<GetValidFileName(Reference,‘-’)>> will return the value Smith-Jones & Co. In other words, the character “/” has been replaced with “-”.
    2. The <<CreateDataElement>> function will add a new data element to the data set for the template.  For example: <<CreateDataElement('FileNameFromReference',GetValidFileName(Reference,'-'))>> will extract a valid file name from the value of Reference, and assign that value to a new data element called FileNameFromReference.  The new data element can then be used in the configuration for the template folder Standard Folders as a file-or-folder name pattern without the fear that a user might enter an illegal file name character.
  4. A number of bugs have been fixed, and a number of features have been streamlined.