Do you know most international accounting practices rely on Document Assembly technology? They use Document Assembly to solve a problem they have in common with you: How to produce lots of documents as efficiently as possible.

Your profession is paper-intense. Every day your office may produce hundreds, if not thousands, of standard letters and other more complex documents. And in most cases these documents are produced by cutting and pasting from precedents or pre-existing documents.

The embarrassing problem is that sensitive information from an old document may be left in the new one, or client information may be transposed inaccurately by hand. This method of working is extremely inefficient and prone to error. And without care grammatical and spelling mistakes also creep in, which apart from inconsistent formatting, add to make your documents look unprofessional.

But imagine having Microsoft® Word linked to your live client data, whether it's stored in Outlook, Excel, SQL, or even your accounting or CRM system. Then each time a letter is required simply run the appropriate template, choose the client from a list, and instantly and accurately all pertinent information is merged into your new document.

What about more complex documents, like financial statements? The process is exactly the same, and your client's latest financial figures are included directly from your database in a fraction of the time it would take you to produce their statements manually. And your XpressDox template can include and exclude individual Notes to the Financial Statements based on its advanced document logic capabilities.

All this minimises errors, ensures your firm's latest letterhead is used, and speeds up document production. This functionality can be purchased outright, or rented for as little as R50 per user per month excluding VAT.

If you are interested in seeing what Document Assembly can do for your firm, download a trial copy of XpressDox. (You'll need Microsoft® Word 2003 or later to run XpressDox.) Then, if you would like to know more about the product, or arrange an online demonstration, email me at

Document Assembly is no longer a “nice to have” for your profession—it is one of the few real ways left to increase productivity and enhance your firm's image!