1. The major introduction with this version is the Command Editor, which gives the template author a much richer experience than the Template Author’s Toolkit.  The article The Command Editor gives an introduction to this new feature.
  2. A consequence of the introduction of the Command Editor is that the Template Author’s Toolkit has been retired.
  3. The installs for XpressDox include support for Office 2010, both 32 bit and 64 bit.
  4. The Footing command has been introduced. It is similar to the Heading command and places text below a control on the data capture interview
  5. Multiple Heading commands for the same data element will result in a multi-line Heading. The same applies to the Footing command.
  6. The pipe character | at the start of Heading (or Footing) text will align the heading/footing with the left of the capture control on the interview.
  7. The Comment command enables placing comments within the template.
  8. The SetInitialValue command can be used to set the initial value of a data element in the interview.
  9. CaptureLater command: Permits greater flexibility in defining the sequence in which data elements appear on the interview screen.
  10. Word sub-sections, which are introduced into a document when Word Heading styles are used, have been given a lot of attention. In previous versions, <<If>> commands which excluded parts of sub-sections may have given rise to XpressDox error messages. These situations have now been reduced.
  11. Text surrounding <<If>>...<<End()>> and <<ForEach>>...<<End()>> used to be disallowed by XpressDox if the start and end commands were on separate paragraphs. This situation is no longer disallowed.
  12. For Office 2003, the .dot file with the macros and key settings is now installed into Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\STARTUP and no longer copied at Word load time into Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP. In addition, this .dot file is digitally signed so that, if the certificate is installed on the host PC, then the warnings regarding macros in this .dot file can be suppressed.
  13. Some bug fixes:
  • French numbering has a space as the thousands separator.
  • Custom document properties with a single character value are now handled correctly.
  • Watermarks consisting of text rather than pictures are handled correctly.
  • Empty items at the start of the list of choices in Choose… commands are correctly interpreted as meaning “no default value”, rather than being ignored.
  • ToTitle correctly handles words in parentheses and other non-word characters.
  • Data bases that use reserved words as column names are now handled without error.
  • The interaction between InsertDocument and the Document Per Repeated Item feature has been fixed.