1. The Document per Repeated Item feature has been enhanced by the addition of the ability to apply a filter.  This is done in conjunction with the new command SetMultipleDocumentFilter.
  2. A bug in the drag-and-drop in the treeview for an interview with repeated items has been fixed.
  3. A new configuration option, AutoSave has been introduced.  Read about it in Configuring standard folders.
  4. The IncludeFileData and ChooseFromFile commands will now support a file which is in CSV (“Comma Separated Values”) format.
  5. IncludeFileData will permit the file name to be omitted, in which case the user is presented with a file Explorer when the template is run, and the relevant data file can be chosen at that point.
  6. Caption and Help now take effect on the repeating data elements (which appear in the treeview).
  7. A new toolbar/ribbon function Run This Template will run the template in the active Word document.  The template will be saved automatically, if necessary, and the user will only be prompted for a file name if the template has never been saved before.
  8. A bug in released version 3.0.5 which involved templates opened in Word 2010 using BaseTemplate has been fixed.