This release is mainly a bug-fix release, but some new features have been added:

  1. A space is not allowed in a data element.  The error message when this situation occurs has been improved to help the template author to fix the problem.
  2. A new function has been introduced: CountOf.  <<CountOf(“.”,IPAddress)>> will return the number of occurrences of the character “.” within the data element called IPAddress.
  3. When a block command (i.e. If, Else, ForEach) and its corresponding <<End()>> command occur in different paragraphs, the text before the If, Else and ForEach, and the text after the End,cannot contain another block command.  The user will be informed of this and given a workaround when the template is run, and the template author can then change the template accordingly.
  4. Some security issues regarding the macro template in Word 2003 on Windows 7 systems have been addressed.
  5. Footing text was being shown even when a field was hidden (i.e. when the condition for a field being shown in the document was not met).  This has been fixed.