1. ToUpper. This will place the uppercase value of the data into the document:
    <<List(parties,ToUpper(firstname) ToUpper(surname),!, , and )>>
    “Fred Basset” becomes “FRED BASSET”
  2. ToLower. Converts the value to lowercase:
    “DEBTOR” becomes “debtor”
  3. ToSentence. Converts the value to lower case except for the first character which is converted to upper case:
    “WIDE GAUGE RAILWAY TRACK” becomes “Wide gauge railway track”
  4. ToTitle. Converts the value to Title Case, that is the first character of each word (with some exceptions) is capitalized:
    “FRED ASTAIRE TO GINGER ROGERS” becomes “Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers”

    The ‘short’ option of the ToTitle function will cause even the words shorter than 3 characters to be capitalized:
    “FRED ASTAIRE TO GINGER ROGERS” becomes “Fred Astaire To Ginger Rogers”

ToUpper and ToLower have an extra two optional parameters to enable restricting the case change to a substring. For example <<ToUpper(Name,1)>> will return the value of the data element Name with the first character changed to upper case (and the rest left unchanged). <<ToUpper(Name,3,2)>> changes the third and fourth characters to upper case.
Note that this feature is available only in Version 4 and later of XpressDox.