New features in Version 3.9.0:

  1. Filling PDF Forms.  This works with existing PDF Forms which have PDF Form Fields defined in them.  The XpressDox feature assists the template author in mapping the PDF Form Fields to either data elements which are typically captured as part of running an XpressDox template.  The PDF Form is filled with data from a data set as a result of the <<MergePdfForm()>> function being called.
  2. The LinkToDataSource command will link any data element, or rather any data capture control on the interview, to a data source.  This enables inclusion of data source data into the data set outside of the <<IncludeDataSourceData()>> and <<ChooseDataSourceData()>> commands.
  3. A hyperlinkcan be attached to a Heading or a Footing using the <<Hyperlink()>> command.  Then when the user clicks on that Heading or Footing the hyperlink is launched.
  4. Conditional capture in the interview has been improved, especially with regard to nested <<If>> commands.
  5. A new feature called “Optimized Parsing” has been added.  It will improve the speed with which an interview is created after the user has run a template.