2012-03-31 Version 4.1.3

With version 4.1.3 a number of bug fixes have been applied, and some new features added. In no particular sequence, these are:

1. Merging of images during execution of IncludeTemplate and BaseTemplate has been improved – especially with regard to merging images into headers and footers.
2. Conditions in If commands inside ForEach blocks were evaluating incorrectly when determining relevance in the interview. This is now fixed.
3. An error occurred sometimes with templates for which there is no interview. This is fixed.
4. Explorer functionality around “Save Template” has been improved.
5. The Explorer will now only suggest that you convert Version 3 templates to Version 4 format when a folder has Version 3 templates but no Version 4 format templates. In other words, partially converted folders need to be explicitly converted (i.e. by <Right Click> on a V3 template and selecting Convert Folder’s Templates to Latest Format).
6. The Select Nearest Fillpoint and Edit Fillpoint features in the ribbon/toolbar now move forward to the nearest fillpoint, rather than backwards as was previously the case (unless the cursor is inside a fillpoint in which case that fillpoint is processed).
7. ReadOnly applied to date controls no longer causes an error.
8. When the user responds to a ChooseFromDataSource command by selecting nothing, then any values previously set in the data set by that command are cleared.