New features added with this version are:

1. Sandbox option for SalesForce data sources introduced – applied in New Data Source Wizard.
2. Bug fixed in Macro As Datasource implementation.
3. Prevent empty General tab from showing.
4. There is some strange behaviour in Word 2003 XML which caused the XpressDox converter to save Version 4 format templates as macro-enabled when in fact the template contains no macros. This has been corrected.
5. The command <<ChooseFromDataElements()>> has been introduced – this enable the template author to create a drop-down on the interview where the values in the drop down list are derived from data elements already captured. For example <<ChooseFromDataElements(CustodialParent,Respondent1,Respondent2)>>.
6. The Chr function can be used to generate a character from its numeric equivalent. For example, Chr(13) is a carriage return, Chr(20) is a space.
7. <<ExcludeFromDataSet(DataElements)>> can now receive a complex element name as a parameter, e.g. <<ExcludeFromDataSet(DataElements,IDNumber,Child/EmailAddress)>>.
8. The command <<CaptureOnlyEmptyValues()>> will present data elements for capture in the interview only if they have no value. This is particularly for the case with Cloud systems or in some cases where, for example, IncludeDataSourceData has introduced data into the data set prior to the interview being launched.