2012-04-24 Version 4.2.5

Some bugs have been fixed, and new features released.

1. The syntax of the List command can now accept function calls in the second parameter. For example: «List(Child,ToUpper(FirstNames) ToUpper(Surname),!, , and )».
2. The count() and position() functions now affect relevance in the interview.
3. The function «YearsBetween()» will calculate the number of years between two dates. It is not accurate for small periods of time but becomes more accurate as the two dates are further apart. Calculating age from date of birth would be «Round(YearsBetween(Today(),DateOfBirth) – 0.5)».
4. Some conditions of the form «If(function_call())» were causing trouble in the interview (although the document merging completed correctly). This situation has been fixed.
5. The fix in 4.2.0 which prevented empty tabs from showing in the interview, caused a bad interaction with repeating elements and the «InterviewIsWizard(Yes)» feature in the desktop interview. This has been fixed.