XpressDox offers salesforce.com users a simple–to–use Salesforce with Word integration that enables Sales Reps and Managers to populate their documents with Salesforce data automatically. This means that anything from simple documents to complex quotes and contracts can be produced in seconds.

In order to prepare for this integration you need to download and install XpressDox if you haven’t done so already.

You will also need to get a salesforce.com security token so that XpressDox requests for data comply with the Salesforce’s security requirements. Here is more information about the Salesforce security token.

Once you have XpressDox installed, and your saleforce.com user name, password, and security token at hand, you are ready to begin authoring your first template to make Salesforce data available in Word. Follow the tutorial below for step–by–step instructions.

PDF documentHow to use your Salesforce data in Microsoft Word