New features (and bug fixes) in Version 4.3.0:


  1. The HzGroup command permits horizontal grouping of controls on the interview.  For example <<HzGroup(Title:5,FirstNames,LastName)>> will place the Title, FirstNames and LastName data elements horizontally next to each other in the interview.  The “:5” after Title will ensure that the text box control for Title has a width of 5 (see Width below).  The other controls will take on the default width for horizontal groups.  There are many other options available, and are demonstrated in the template Fax Cover (HzGroups).xdtpl in the My Documents\XpressDox\Samples folder.
  2. Captions can now be specified to be empty (e.g. <<Caption(Name,'')>>) and this will cause the data capture control to line up against the left hand margin of the interview capture area.
  3. There is a new option available for Headings and Footings, viz. to centre (center) relative to the left hand edge of the data capture control.  See the Command Editor wizards on how to specify this.
  4. The Width command can be used to set the width of the data capture control for a data element to a specific number of characters (the unit used is the “em” – i.e. the width of the character “M” in the relevant font).  This control will remain at that width and not resize when the interview form is resized.  An example of the Width command showing how it can be used for fine tuning alignment with other fixed width controls in the interview would be <<Width(Name,20.3)>> which will make the control wide enough for 20 “M” characters and then adds another 3 pixels.
  5. The font and font size of captions, headings and footings can now be set.  See the wizards launched by the Command Editor for usage.
  6. The function <<CommasAndList()>> is similar to the <<List()>> command, except that it operates on the contents of one data element (or variable) rather than on the elements of a repeating data item.
  7. The <<OnExitSet()>> command functions slightly differently with check boxes, combo boxes (ChooseFromList) and radio buttons: instead of firing the events when the control loses focus, XpressDox will fire the events when the checkbox or radio button is clicked.  This behaviour is not backward compatible with the previous implementation, but is more intuitive than before.
  8. The <<FormatTime()>>function is introduced, and if used in a template will cause a special new capture control facilitating capture of time values to be presented in the interview.  Various examples are presented in the Command Editor.
  9. The ChooseFromHzRDBList command is like ChooseFromRDBList except that the radio buttons are arranged horizontally on the interview.
  10. Default “file save” location is not the folder where the template is but the folder that is configured as the merged save location.  Even if the “Save interview data only” option has been set to ‘Yes’.
  11. InsertTemplate no longer mis-handles constant file names with parentheses in them.
  12. Scripts were being lost between the main template and any Inserted templates.  This is now fixed.
  13. Commas (and = signs) in file paths are now accommodated.
  14. “Long” data element names in predicates (i.e. the [] syntax for repeaters) were causing XpressDox to appear to freeze. This is now fixed.