2012-07-23 Version 4.3.5

  1. Various minor bugs and unpleasantnesses have been fixed.
  2. The bug in the implementation of HzGroup where a condition applied to only one data element in the group was applied to the whole group has been fixed.
  3. There was a bug (in version 4) in the InsertFormattedText command which would not accept XpressDox functions as the first parameter. This is now fixed.
  4. The Select/Case/Default set of commands has been released officially.  These commands have been available for a while now, but have not been made visible in the Command Editor until this version.
  5. The The ValueIsEmpty function function has been introduced.  <<If(ValueIsEmpty(Name))>> will be the same as <<If(Name != ”)>> even when the data element Name does not exist in the data set.
  6. The Guid() function is introduced.  It will return a new Globally Unique Identifier.  This is for data base and XML gurus.  If you’re not sure what a GUID is or why you should use it, then probably it doesn’t matter, but have a look at this article in Wikipedia.