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The CentsToCurrency and CurrencyToCents Functions

Probably the best way to perform arithmetic on money values in XpressDox is to reduce all currency to integer values (e.g. Dollars to cents, Pounds to pence, etc), perform the arithmetic and then render the value back to the currency value.  The aim is to reduce the possibility of rounding errors creeping in, and also to overcome […]

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Version 4.3.8 (2012-08-30)

2012-08-30 Version 4.3.8 The verbose checkbox now works properly (the situation where the default value is one of the “checked” or “unchecked” values, and also the verbosity no longer depends on the length of the text after the ~~ – the presence of the ~~ indicates “verbose”). Complex predicate syntax (e.g. «chapter[part/section/sectionid = ../requiredSectionID]/part[section/sectionid = […]

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Version 4.3.7 (2012-08-14)

2012-08-13 Version 4.3.7 Many bugs and irritations have been fixed. The target of OnExitSet can now be lower in the XML hierarchy (i.e. in a repeating element) than the trigger element, and all such repeating targets are affected. The interview construction time has been reduced by about 25%.

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