2012-11-20 Version 4.6.0

  1. The function ListDelimiter has been introduced.
  2. Some enhancements to the HotDocs® conversion feature have been applied.
  3. AlignCaptions includes the Top option; also, the options Left, Right and Top can be applied to the alignment of individual captions, using the <<AlignCaption(DataElementName,<option>)>> command (note the singular format of the command name).
  4. Help text which starts with \ will cause previous help text in the template for that data element to be cleared.
  5. Bug relating to quotes inside predicates (i.e. [ and ]) has been fixed.
  6. DefineSetAllGroup has options to build the selected checkbox/radio button values into a delimited list.
  7. The Trim function now takes a second parameter, so that, for instance, <<Trim(Phrase,‘.’)>> will remove leading and trailing full-stops (periods) from the data element Phrase.
  8. <<CaptureDataElements(One,Two,Three)>> (note the plural version of the command) is equivalent to <<CaptureDataElement(One)>><<CaptureDataElement(Two)>><<CaptureDataElement(Three)>>