2013-04-12 Version 5.1.1

  1. Up until now, the default location for saving the merged document and the captured data set file has been the same folder from which the template was run.  This default has now been changed.  In the case of the merged document, it is a sub-folder of the template folder called Documents, and in the case of the data set it is a sub-folder of the template folder called Datasets.  If either of these two locations has been configured as some other location, or if another location has been set in the template itself, then this new default will be ignored and that configured or set location will continue to be used as was always the case.
  2. In the Desktop, the DatePicker format of the date is dictated by the regional settings, but the format in the XML remains the standard according to the W3C Recommendation (i.e. yyyy-MM-dd).
  3. The <<ChooseFromRepeatingData()>> command now has a new option AddAllChosenData which adds all the data elements from the chosen repeater into the data set.
  4. A new feature is available in the Ribbon-enabled versions of Word (i.e. 2007, 2010 and 2013) called “Re-run template”.  If a the active Word document has been generated by XpressDox (subsequent to version 5.1.1), then clicking the Re-run Template button will present an interview with the data set which was saved when the document was generated, and will run the template which was originally used to produce that document.
  5. A new command – ForEvery – has been released, but is not (yet) included in the Command Editor.  It is a very fast version of ForEach and can be used in most places except nested with other block commands (If, ForEach, etc.) in a table row.
  6. The <<InsertInto(Name,3,'-')>> function will insert the string ‘-‘ at position 3 in the value of the data element Name.
  7. The database data source configuration form stores its size and location for next use.
  8. Users not licenced to update configurations can nonetheless view the affected configuration in the configuration user interface, but cannot update them.
  9. Bug fixes:
    1. ToTitle capitalises the first character, even if the first word is a short word.
    2. The database data source configuration form permits deletion of all except 1 first level collection.
    3. When a new collection is added to a database data source, then the name of the collection is shown in the treeview node for the collection.