2013-08-29 Version 5.3.0

  1. The InsertFormattedText function no longer changes double quotes (“”) into single quotes (‘’).
  2. The database data source search dialog will display the description of the first collection in the header of the form.
  3. The relevance engine regarding the treeview for repeaters in the desktop interview has been overhauled.
  4. There is a new command to add more functionality to the relevance of repeaters in the interview.  <<InterviewRelevance(Name,Name != ‘’)>> will remove the Name data element from the interview if that data element is not empty.  This is to accommodate the template author when data that the user has not explicitly captured is included in an interview (this can happen, for example, in response to a ChooseFromDataSource or IncludeFileData or similar command).  Up until now, the relevance engine has interpreted conditions such as <<If(Name != ‘’)>&gt;Name is <<Name>><<End()>> saying, in effect “If you want to make the appearance of Name in the document depend on its own value, then Name will HAVE to be relevant in the interview in order for the user to indicate what its value is”.  The InterviewRelevance command allows the template author to override this behaviour.
  5. The commands SetSavedDocumentFileName, SetSavedDocumentFolder, SetSavedDataFileName and SetSavedDataFolder can now take functions as parameters.  For example, <<SetSavedDocumentFileName(Doc <AccountNumber>)>> can now be replaced by <<SetSavedDocumentFileName(concat(‘Doc ’, AccountNumber)>>.  This is particularly useful if the construction of the document name is fairly complex, and permits constructs such as <<SetSavedDocumentFileName(concat(‘Letter-’,Today(‘yyyyMMdd’),‘-’, GetValidFileName(AccountNumber)))>>.
  6. In the configuration for a folder, the Helper folders can have <WindowsLogonUser> as part of their path definition.
  7. When displaying repeaters in the interview, the SetRepeaterQualifier can now be used to display the position of the repeater in the list of repeaters, using the new pseudo-data element PositionInRepeater.  For example <<SetRepeaterQualifier(Child,<PositionInRepeater>. <FirstNames>)>>
  8. In the data source Search dialog (for databases) it is now possible to sort the collection (table) on a column which is not visible in the dialog.