2013-10-25 Version 5.3.3

  1. A template-author debugging capability is that when you are running an interview (on the desktop) pressing right-click will give the option to copy the data set (i.e. the XML of what’s been captured so far) into the clipboard.  You can then paste into Notepad or Notepad++ and see the data set.
  2. The merge field <TieBreak> can now be used in the configuration of a pattern for the saved document and/or data file name.  It will ensure a unique number so that file names can be made unique in ways different to the default XpressDox mechanism.
  3. Unbalanced parentheses in “long” text is no longer regarded as an error.
  4. The Time Picker control on the desktop has been fixed – it was returning 12:00 AM regardless of what was chosen.
  5. The InsertPicture command can now take a URL as an argument and not just a file-system file name.