2015-04-14 Version 7.0.0

  1. The main new feature in this version is the ability to embed spreadsheets into the Word document being assembled.  See the «IncludeSpreadsheet()» command.
  2. Considerable enhancements have been effected in the automatic conversion from GhostFill.
  3. New features regarding XpressDox Arrays have been introduced, such as ArrayDelete, ArrayClear, ArraySortByIndex and ArraySortByValue.
  4. The ChooseFromFile command now selects the first entry in the file by default.
  5. ChooseFromRepeatingData puts an empty item at the top of the drop-down so that the user can clear the selection if they choose something by mistake.
  6. Some more advanced XML/XPATH features are now catered for, such as «ForEach(Child/*)» which iterates through all the sub-elements of the Child element regardless of name.
  7. There is a new toolbar button on the Command Editor which enables the template author to toggle the list of commands shown between a Simple list and the full Advanced list.