2015-05-12 Version 7.1.0

  1. The list of Basic commands in the Command Editor has been expanded.
  2. There are two new functions:
    1. IsTrue(), which returns a true value if it is passed one of “true”, “yes”, “y” or “1” (case independent);
    2. TemplateName(), which returns the file name of the currently running template.
  3. It is now possible to put a button on the interview, and then attach events such as OnExitSet and LinkToDataSource.  Those events are then fired when the user clicks the button.  It provides a mechanism for performing those events only with explicit action by the user, rather than implicitly when a control on the interview receives, or loses, focus.  The command for this is «Button(DummyElementName)».
  4. The XpressDox Explorer has a new <right-click> feature which selects all the entries in the file list after the one on which the <right-click> occurs.
  5. Some very handy  features were added to the “Convert from foreign system to XpressDox” utility.
  6. In the configuration it is possible to specify that a file path or file name should be constructed using the contents of data elements.  This is a long standing feature of XpressDox.  In the past, if a data element in the configuration did not exist, XpressDox would issue an error message and refuse to save the relevant file.  This no longer happens, what will happen is that an empty string will be used to replace the value of the missing data element.
  7. Up to now it was necessary for the template author to ensure that any data elements used in the configuration to construct parts of a file path had values which did not contain any invalid file-name characters.  XpressDox will now do this automatically.