2015-06-30 Version 7.1.1

  1. Handling of Refresh/NoRefresh options on the IncludeDataSource command has been made more intuitive.  The option SaveNoRefresh has been introduced for all the data source commands.
  2. If a data element is changed via OnEnter/ExitSet and that data element belongs to a data source then the data source will be regarded as “changed” even if the element(s) are not in controls on the interview, e.g. even if they have been hidden with ExcludeFromIV.
  3. The function InsertFormattedText will test the value to be inserted for HTML, and if it is in fact HTML, then the HTML is rendered into the Word document with all the HTML-specified formatting applied.  The CaptureAsLongText command has been extended to enable the capture of data into HTML.  This is achieved using the “Rich” option, for example: «CaptureAsLongText(Address,3,Always,Rich)».
  4. A bug in RunAsHugeTemplate when the template contained a data –source access command has been fixed.