2016-09-07 Version 8.3.0

  1. The command «WriteTimeStampToDataSet(Yes)» will result in a time stamp data element being written to the dataset after the assembly of the document, and this will contain the start and end times of the assembly and the number of milliseconds taken.
  2. A bug in the SetSaved… commands to assembled files, folders and data sets has been fixed. (When specifying XSLT or XpressDox functions as the argument to the command, the function was not being evaluated).
  3. There is a function similar to PrefixWith called SuffixWith that appends a string if the source string is not empty.
  4. Some issues were introduced in version 8.2.1 which caused numerous data elements used in the saving of documents and data sets to be left in the dataset. These elements are now cleared out before the dataset is saved.