2017-02-28 Version 9.0.0

  1. The biggest new feature in this version is actually a group of features all revolving around the format of numbers in the XML dataset. It is now possible for the template author to tell XpressDox to store all numeric values in XSLT format. The reason for this is that the template author will now know that numeric data elements can be used in calculations without having to use the RegionToX function (and then XToRegion to get the result back to regional format for use in other functions). It will also be possible for the template author to use XSLT functions like sum, floor and ceil. The new commands are listed below, but a full description will be found on the web site:
    1. The «ExpectXSLTFormatNumbers()» command.
    2. A re-implementation of the «CaptureDataElement(…,Decimal)» feature.
    3. A new option that a user can select in the Ribbon before running a template, called Interview Number Format, which the user can use to select which format s/he would like to use when entering numerics in the interview.
    4. The command «ForbidThousandsSeparators(Yes)» which will not allow the user to capture numbers which contain the thousands separator. For example, the number 1234.56 will be valid as input, but not 1,234.56 (for US/UK English format settings).
  2. A major new trouble shooting feature has been added for template authors. The «Log()», «LogDataElements()» and «LogVariables()» functions will cause trouble-shooting information to be written to a log file during template execution. This log file is called LogXpressDox.txt and will be written to the My Documents folder of the user running the template.
  3. Many of the XpressDox forms did not display correctly on high density monitors which are being shipped more frequently with laptops and other configurations. This has been fixed.
  4. In the desktop interview, the date calendar will display in the language of the interview, rather than, as was originally the case, in the Regional Settings language.
  5. The feature in the XpressDox Explorer which searches for templates with specific content has an option to do a case-sensitive search, and also an option to include or exclude the XDTemplateVersions sub-folders which are created when the configuration has been set to apply template versioning.
  6. The command «InsertHyperlink()» will insert a hyperlink into the document.
  7. The preview of the partially-assembled document in the Interview is available to all users, not just to template authors. The document is no longer opened in Word, and so, for instance, cannot be saved in that incomplete state.
  8. There is a new function for handling variables. «GetVOrDefault('X',1)» will get the value of variable ‘X’ if it has been set, but if variable ‘X’ has not yet been assigned a value, then it will be assigned the value 1 (in other words the second argument to the function, which is 1 in this example) and that value returned into the document.

Bug Fixes:

  1. A bug in the Debug command implementation which caused the template running to fail has been fixed.
  2. The error message about an Else() needing to be on its own paragraph had an extra closing parenthesis in it, i.e. Else()). This has been fixed.
  3. There was a bug in the Required command that if there were exactly two data elements specified in the command, the second one would be ignored.
  4. AlignCaption of Top was behind two glitches in the Desktop interview, which have been fixed:
    1. In a Horizontal Grid which had a Heading, the top-aligned captions were mis-aligned.
    2. In some instances the interview would not be displayed properly – the captions were showing but the controls underneath them were invisible until the user re-sized the form.
  5. A number of intermittent errors resulting in the user being asked to send a troubleshooting email to XpressDox Support have been fixed.
  6. Problem with DropDownPanel which had Rules on data elements has been fixed.
  7. A problem when using the “&” character in the true or false value in the When command has been fixed.