2017-04-12 Version 9.0.2

This version contains mainly bug fixes, with the following useful new feature:

  1. Especially with regard to the Clauses features, it is now possible to define shortcuts to common folders from other folders. You can find the documentation for this feature at Define Folder Shortcuts.

Bug fixes

  1. Windows 10 makes some dropdown boxes look read-only. The style of the dropdown boxes has been changed to subvert that new Windows behaviour.
  2. A set of circumstances involving data sources and grids resulted in some grids acquiring repeated empty rows. This has been fixed.
  3. If a fillpoint was highlighted using the Word highlight feature, then the highlight was not maintained when the template was “painted” by XpressDox. The painter now preserves highlighting.
  4. The NumberPhrase function and functions that use its functionality (Dollars, Pounds, Rand, etc.) do not support negative values. Instead of issuing a Windows message saying words to the effect of “Invalid Number Format”, the function will put a message into the assembled document highlighting the value in question. This will make it easier for the template author to take that situation into account.
  5. Sometimes the Windows/Word configuration settings file that XpressDox uses becomes corrupted. There was some code in XpressDox that handled that situation, but not enough. That functionality has been extended.
  6. The Save Data Only checkbox in the Desktop interview was becoming invisible when the Save Assembled Document checkbox was invisible. The Save Data Only option is now always available.
  7. An & in a Radio Button or Check Box label would be removed. This is no longer the case.