2017-07-04 Version 9.2.0

  1. There is a Wild Card feature in the search for templates by content.
  2. The GetDataSourceData and GetXMLElementValue functions can be used to retrieve values from data sources during the assembly of the document. This is different to the existing data source commands, all of which are required to acquire the data before the assembly process commences.
  3. SetDataSourceData can be used to set data field values in a data source.
  4. SalesForce date handling was improved to take into account time zone considerations.
  5. The handling of chained Rule commands has been improved so that when a Rule in the chain is broken, only the message relevant to that Rule is shown.
  6. The Desktop implementation of Rule will do the application of the Rule command as focus leaves a control on the interview, rather than (or, actually, in addition to) after the OK button has been clicked. In order to ensure backward compatibility with existing Rules which need to be executed once all the data have been captured, the “delayed” option has been added to the “hardness” argument: e.g.
    «Rule(ParentName,hard/delayed,(count(Child) > 0),‘Please make sure there is at least one Child.’)»
  7. The DatePicker control on the Desktop will display the calendar in the language chosen by the user in the Ribbon. It will also display the date in the control in the “short date” format as determined by the language chosen in the Ribbon. For example, if English US is chosen, then the date is shown as, for example, “5/25/2017” whereas all other languages will show the date in the format “25/05/2017”, with the preferred date delimiter for the major region where that language is spoken.
  8. When too many arguments are passed to a Define command, a nicely formatted message is given.
  9. If an empty (rather than null) value for the data source Id is provided, then instead of an error message being given, an empty XML data set for that data source will be provided.
  10. The key combination <Ctrl + Alt> in the Desktop interview Help section will no longer provide context. Rather, use <Ctrl + Enter>.
  11. A Stored Procedure (SQL Server) can be used as a Data Source.
  12. The configured empty marker was not being coloured correctly. It now is.
  13. A problem with Highlight Inserted text was that if the test surrounding the fillpoint was already in some non-“Automatic” colour, then the Highlight did not work correctly.
  14. When a fillpoint occurs in the dataset, XpressDox will try to fill it. If there is a syntax error in the fillpoint, an error message is displayed, and the document will not be assembled. This is as it has always been. Now a change has been introduced so that the document will be assembled, but the content of the data element which contained the failing fillpoint will be filled with an error message, hopefully helping with trouble shooting.