2017-11-10 Version 9.4.0

  1. The AppendPDF command has been introduced. This enables the user, and also the template author, to choose one or more PDF files which will be appended to the document assembled by the template in which the command appears. The SaveAsPDF(Yes) command is issued implicitly. In other words, PDF files can only be appended to other PDF files.
  2. The function GetDataSet has been introduced. This works together with the existing SetDataSourceData to empower the template author to write the data set to an XML BLOB in a data base. The creation/setting of data elements by the CreateDataElement is now done at the point of execution of that function in the template assembly, rather than after the assembly is complete, which means that the full dataset is available at the point that the SetDataSourceData is executed.
  3. It is now possible to use previously saved data sets as a data source. The configuring of an XpressDox Data Set Data Source is similar to that of any other data source, with the obvious exception that the definition string wizard supports configuration of directory names and other data set related information.
  4. There was a conflict when PaintInsertedText and SetEmptyMarker were active on the same template. The conflict caused the PaintInsertedText to be active even when the condition on the command was false.
  5. Equal signs (“=”) in Help text were being confused with multi-language codes. The escaping of these equal signs with != was introduced.
  6. The issue that when an automatic update from Microsoft caused XpressDox history settings to be deleted has been addressed.
  7. A problem with painting a template (twice) where there was a fillpoint that has been highlighted with Word highlighting has been fixed.
  8. Interview relevance around conditional repeaters has been improved.
  9. When a numeric calculation encounters a non-numeric value, the result is “NaN” (“Not a Number”). Previously, this NaN value was regarded by the FormatNumber function as zero. This has changed, and NaN is now rendered by FormatNumber as an empty string.
  10. If you have, for example, a ForEach which executes more than once, and the text within that ForEach block contains footnotes and/or endnotes, you will end up with a corrupt document. At least, that was true until this release, where that issue has been fixed.
  11. Some situations with complex documents and conditions were causing second-long delays between characters when typing in the desktop interview. This has been addressed in this version.