2018-01-17 Version 9.5.0

  1. The form to test a stored procedure will now suggest only the stored procedure parameter names, not the Data Source IDs.
  2. The command ApplyRulesToDataset command can be used when the dataset is at least partially supplied outside the interview, for example with a batch run in the desktop, or when data are supplied from a data source in the web/server versions, then the Rule commands will be applied to the data set just prior to the document being assembled.
  3. The “Make Folders Relative to This Configuration” has been applied to the directories which are defined in the Data Set as Data Source data sources.
  4. A problem was occurring in some Word 2013 systems where, after a document was assembled, the assembly failed because Word was issuing the error “This method or property … command is not available for reading”. Code has been introduced to ignore this error if it occurs. It might have the effect that the «ComeHereAfterRun()» command is not executed.
  5. An exception was being thrown if a data source was defined for a stored procedure, and the parameter name was not the name of a returned column. This has been addressed by XpressDox not attempting to flag the relevant element in the data set with the “xdDataId” attribute. This will probably not have any effect on user perceptions.