2018-06-14 Version 10.0.9

  1. «PdfUserPassword(XXX)»: when saving as PDF, this function will set the User Password in the PDF file. This has the effect that anyone attempting to open the PDF document will need to provide the password. The PDF document will be encrypted. In other words, anyone opening it will only be able to view and print it.
    The following bugs have been fixed:
  2. When using a certain class of commands in the header or footer of a template which is inserted via «InsertTemplate()», then an exception was caused.
  3. A template containing a «SendWebEmail()» command would throw an exception when being previewed.

Web Release Notes

  1. Fixed the failing preview when there is a SendWebEmail command in the template.
  2. Fixed the InsertPDF command to stop generating a control that doesn’t allow the .pdf extension.
  3. Cloud users can now change the passwords.