2019-04-03 Version 11.0.0

  1. The major feature released with this version is a fully functioned conversion of HotDocsĀ® templates to XpressDox format. In order to support this conversion, a number of functions have been introduced into XpressDox, in particular Execute, RepeatForEach, While, and some others. Please see the article
    What to expect on the XpressDox web site for more information.
  2. There was a bug in the DefineSetAllGroup where if the “List” data element was excluded from the interview, then the entire group was hidden.
  3. A problem with using SetMultipleDocumentFilter inside templates merged with MergeTemplate has been fixed.
  4. The CompareStrings function will compare two strings and return a value of -1, 0 or +1 depending on whether the first is less than, equal to or greater than the second.
  5. Manipulating of XpressDox variables can now be done in the interview (typically inside an OnEnterSet or OnExitSet). The last value assigned to a variable in the interview will be available to the template during the assembly phase.
  6. The What’s New document is no longer opened automatically when XpressDox is started after an update. If you are reading this as a Word document, then probably you already know that there is a new button in the XpressDox Ribbon which will open this document.
  7. An attempt has been made to circumvent the exceptions being raised when an assembled document has been saved in a location on the local file system which is being synchronised by Microsoft applications to a cloud location. When this happens, the document which is opened in Word sometimes has the URL of the sync’ed document instead of the local file system folder path.

Web Release Notes

  1. Buttons are now available in the web interview.
  2. Search by filename available in the web.
  3. Email management tab available in the web for Administrator users.
  4. Database versioning for web version. Scripts located in the folder o2Smart.DocumentAssembly.Web\DatabaseScripts\.
  5. Multiple previews are now available in the web.
  6. Functions CompareStrings, Execute, ToNumber, GetV, SetV, AppendVr implemented in the web