2019-06-07 Version 11.1.0

  1. Full XPATH syntax in ForEach is now supported. For example: «ForEach(Child | Parent | Party)» which will iterate over Child, Parent and Party repeaters.
  2. Attempt to fix the corruption of the settings file, which is sometimes affected by Windows updates.
  3. A Tab in front of If/ForEach/RepeatWhile commands was being replicated. This has been fixed.
  4. When a default Empty Marker was set, the attempts to override this with specific empty markers for data elements was not working. It now works.
  5. A «RunWordMacro()» command was causing a Preview to fail. This should now work correctly.

Web Release Notes

  1. Added Server Administrator role. User with this role has access to new UI where he can manage server licenses.
  2. Server Administrator can export accounts as a SQL scripts.
  3. Account Administrator can see other users home directories in Cloud mode.
  4. Chained rules are being evaluated one by one providing relevant error message.
  5. Added support for rules to limit number of items in repeater.