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The GT and LT functions

Sometimes it is syntactically impractical to use the characters < and > in a particular context. For example, you might want to use a Dynamic Caption which is something like this (to use the word “names” or “name” in the caption depending on the number of children): «Caption(DependantNames,Enter the <IIf(count(Child) > 1,'names','name')||[Names]>)» The problem with […]

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Using Scripts in PDF Form fields

When you are defining a PDF form field map in the Prepare PDF Form UI, you can specify that the source for a particular PDF field is either a data element, or a script. If one or more scripts are specified, then the scripts need to be defined in a place that the MergePDFForm function […]

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Save the Dataset into a Database Column

There are any number of reasons that you might want to save the dataset for a template into a single column in as database.  One of these would be to report on the data set, as described here. The first step is to write the dataset into a column.  This is described in the GetDataset article. […]

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