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The InterviewTheme Command

The Desktop interview is, as of Version 12.0, available in 3 different themes, viz. Classic, Blue and White. The InterviewTheme command gives you control of this. It’s pretty simple: «InterviewTitle(White)» This selects, you guessed it, the White theme.

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The ChooseFromDataset Command

We have a ChooseFromRepeatingData command (which is the same as ChooseFromData, but is a more descriptive name), and a ChooseFromDataElements command. The ChooseFromDataset command combines the functionality of the other two, and adds some more flexibility. The first argument is the name of the data element to be chosen. This is as per convention. The […]

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The YearsMonthsDaysBetween Function

As its name suggests, this function takes two dates as arguments and returns the difference as a number of years, months and days. It is not the same as combining the results of the MonthsBetween and DaysBetween functions together with the YearsBetween function. The simplest form takes only the starting date and ending date as […]

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