One of the lesser known features in NetDocuments is the ability for you to save documents directly into Cabinets by forward them via an email message to a special email address.

Show me this magic!

Let’s say you are working with a matter where you are continually receiving documents via email that you would like to quickly save to NetDocuments.

The first thing you need to do is establish the Workspace Email Address, located under the Workspace Options button in the top right-hand corner of your Workspace screen:

This will reveal the special unique email address that is assigned just to that Workspace – whereupon you can either copy and paste, or you can click the ADD TO OUTLOOK function to create a contact record that you can easily reference and use from Outlook for future email forwarding:

Note that there is an option to add “NM” to the mailbox name so that only the attachments to an email will be saved – otherwise NetDocuments will save the actual email message as a HTM file as well.

Now, once this address is placed in the To, CC or BCC fields of your email message, and you hit send – the NetDocuments mail server will pick up your message and save the attachment to the relevant repository with all of the inherited profile values from the Workspace that was related to the Workspace Email Address (i.e. Client & Matter information).

You can also email documents into any of the following:

  • Folders – where the documents will inherit all folder values and security from the Folder related to the Folder Email Address
  • Workspaces filters – where the emailed document attachment will inherit the Workspace Filter Value (usually defined as Doc Type). For Mac users or Smartphone Warriors: This is great option for saving actual email messages into a matter when using a Mac or tablet/smart phone – you could create an address book entry for each of your Workspace Filter Email addresses in your email client’s address book, and then send your email correspondence directly into NetDocuments by forwarding your emails to the relevant contact. Or you could create rules based on email addresses you send/receive from….to automatically file your emails for you…wow!
  • Saved Searches – where the emailed attachment will inherit profiler values of the Saved Search Email Address
  • Document – where the emailed attachment will inherit all the profile values of the specific Document related to a Document Email Address

A Practical Example

To give you an idea of just how useful this feature is, pretend you are my client and I send you an email with instructions to email your client documents to the following email address:

This is actually the NetDocuments Folder Email Address for a folder called “Bank Statements” within my matter workspace.

I have even selected the Follow Folder option in NetDocuments, so that I will automatically receive an emailed alert when you upload documents to that location.