We are pleased to announce that all XpressDox products will shortly provide DocuSign integration. This will allow users to configure e-signatures in the XpressDox/Word template, including specifying recipients and signatories which will be captured during the interview process.

When the document is assembled, XpressDox will auto-route the resultant document into a DocuSign process, or the document can be assembled and added to the DocuSign process manually if preferred. In order to use the e-signature feature in XpressDox, users will need a DocuSign subscription.

Chris Pearson, director for XpressDox said “We are building this functionality in XpressDox in such a way that it will be relatively easy to integrate with other e-signature products in the future. Some clients have already built their own custom integrations with DocuSign, but this will make DocuSign integration available to all XpressDox users,” he added.

The DocuSign integration development will be shipped with XpressDox Server version 12 within two to three months.