XpressDox Servers are proven as the industry–leader in secure document automation. Our servers and software are designed for fast and easy deployment, and can be efficiently customized to your unique requirements.

You Host Or We Host. Your Choice.

XpressDox servers are available in three configurations: Windows Authentication servers, API servers, and Cloud Integration servers.

In addition to these server configurations, you can use the hosted XpressDox Cloud or host XpressDox servers in your own server facilities, at Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or the hosting provider of your choice.

We host the XpressDox Cloud at various Microsoft Azure facilities across the world, as well as at Hetzner, Germany.

It’s important to note that our hosted services are compliant with regulations guaranteeing that personally identifiable data is adequately protected.

XpressDox servers include native data source compatibility, including SQL Server, ODBC–compliant databases, MySQL, Microsoft Office data sources such as Access, Excel, and Outlook, XML, text files and applications such as Salesforce.