XpressDox is excited to announce a really powerful addition to its Web server range of products.

Clients with a subscription to any of the XD:Server products can now send “intelligent” questionnaires to external users via email.

The external user clicks on the hyperlink in the email to launch the questionnaire and then saves their information as often as they wish, re-loading it from the original email when required.

For increased security, XpressDox subscribers can specify that a password should be entered; set a time-out for the link, and choose whether the external user should be able to view the assembled document.

“This functionality is ideal where clients need to send questionnaires to their external users, for example new client onboarding or take-on,”

Chris Pearson, director of XpressDox

XpressDox Document Services is included in all XD:Server subscriptions at no additional charge.Be sure to connect with us via LinkedIn, for new updates and articles related to XpressDox!

Watch this video to learn more on how to send interviews or questionnaires to external users via email:

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