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When is the Time to Leave your Document Automation Vendor?

It’s not me… It’s you… Sometimes the relationship is great, but the product or service no longer meets your needs. Maybe another vendor is just better. Or maybe the vendor wasn’t meeting expectations. There are many reasons why a company wants to leave a vendor and often the fear of change and ‘sticking with what […]

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XpressDox is pleased to announce that DocGovern, headquartered in London, has been appointed as a Certified Partner for the XpressDox range of products. “We have a distributed team and network of professionals with over 100 years’ experience in the Document Automation field. Our mission is to make Document Automation work for our clients in the […]

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How to Ensure Successful Adoption of Your Document Automation Solution

Deploying a new document automation solution should have a positive impact on an organisation. However, you will often hear colleagues and friends refer to projects they’ve been involved in with less than happy words. Some may even proudly display their battle scars! I’ve seen organisations spend a considerable amount of time deciding if they need […]

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