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How To Create A Template

This is a short guide on how to begin creating templates with XpressDox. Before you begin, you should watch the short tutorial videos. The first step is to add fillpoints (questions) to your document which will ask for input when the template is run. Begin with a fairly simple Word document—for example a short agreement […]

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The ChooseFromList Command

ChooseFromList. This is a command which will present the user (via the interview) with a list of options from which to choose the value of a data element rather than a free-format text field. For example, the following will help the user capture one of South Africa’s provinces: I live in <<ChooseFromList(province,Eastern Cape,Free State,Gauteng,KwaZulu-Natal,Limpopo,Mpumalanga,Northern Cape,North-West,Western […]

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