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How To Create A Template

This is a short guide on how to begin creating templates with XpressDox. Before you begin, you should watch the short tutorial videos. The first step is to add fillpoints (questions) to your document which will ask for input when the template is run. Begin with a fairly simple Word document—for example a short agreement […]

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Using verbose Choose commands

Radio buttons and check boxes provide a way of enabling users to make quick choices. The results of these can be either sort, terse text values or can indeed be whole paragraphs.

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The ChooseFromRDBList Command

ChooseFromRDBList. This is very similar to ChooseFromList but instead of a drop-down list, the choices are presented in a group of ‘Radio Buttons’. An example would be: The style of the presentation must be <<ChooseFromRdbList(style,free,formal,semi-formal)>><<style>> Note that it is important to include a fillpoint indicating where the result of the data capture must be inserted […]

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