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Show the result of Date arithmetic in the interview

When entering dates for a contract, it is important to get them right during the interview. It might be possible to control this via the Rule command, but often it is very useful to reflect this to the user as they are typing into the interview. For the purposes of this example, we start off […]

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The FormatDate and IncrementDate Functions

FormatDate Date data elements can be formatted according to the format patterns defined for the .NET framework. For example: <<FormatDate(dateofengagement,"yyyy-MM-dd")>> <<FormatDate(dateofdismissal,"d MMMM, yyyy")>> <<FormatDate(dateofSignature,"MMMM o yyyy")>> <<FormatDate(dateofSignature,"dddd MMMM o yyyy")>> These examples would result in something like, respectively: 2013-02-07 7 February, 2013 February 7th 2013 Thursday February 7th 2013 The results are in English, not […]

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