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A really powerful addition to XpressDox Web server range of products

XpressDox is excited to announce a really powerful addition to its Web server range of products. Clients with a subscription to any of the XD:Server products can now send “intelligent” questionnaires to external users via email. The external user clicks on the hyperlink in the email to launch the questionnaire and then saves their information […]

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Scripts with parameters – Build your own command.

Parameterized scripts enable you to build your own command by defining a pattern and passing in values. The feature was introduced in version 10.2.

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Using the Command Editor with XpressDox

Those who have been using XpressDox for some time, and have recently upgraded, will have noticed that the Command Editor has had a make over. If you are brand new to XpressDox, or have been using it a while and would like to see the changes, watch this video to see how it all works.

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